8 Best Pop Filters For Podcasting In 2023 (Any Budget)

Are you looking for the best pop filters that can help enhance your podcasting, music, and video recordings? Pop filters are essential tools used in recording studios to reduce plosive sounds when recording vocals. They also help create a clean and natural sound quality for human speech. But with so many different types on the market, it can be hard to figure out which ones are best for your needs.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at what makes up a good pop filter, the different types available today, how to install them properly, and our top picks of the best pop filter options for podcasting in 2023. With all these resources at hand, you’ll soon be ready to record like a professional!

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What Is A Pop Filter?

A pop filter is a device used in recording studios to help reduce plosive sounds and plosive energy. Plosives are popping or humming noises created when the air rushes out of your mouth as you speak, sing, or shout certain consonant sounds like “p”, “b”, and “t”.

To create a clean sound quality and get rid of these unwanted noises, most pop filters create an air gap between the microphone capsule and your lips by catching that sudden rush of fast-moving air.

Different Types Of Pop Filters

There are a few different types of pop filters available on the market today, each offering its own benefits. The type you choose will depend on factors like budget, desired sound quality, and how much high frequencies audio you want in your podcasts or recordings.

Metal Pop Filter


A Metal filter is a great device to help reduce plosive sounds and create clean recordings. The metal filters feature small perforated holes that allow air to pass through, but also catch any plosive energy for a more natural sound.

These metal screens are more durable than foam windscreens and can save you money if you’re on a tight budget. They will still protect your microphone capsule from sudden rushes of fast-moving air, while also preserving the clarity of your audio and maintaining the overall speaker quality.

Foam Windscreen


Foam windscreens are another popular type of pop filter that provide effective sound dampening. These devices fit snugly over the microphone capsule and create a seal around your mouth, blocking out any unwanted popping or humming sounds.

They also help to reduce wind noise from entering the recording, making them ideal for outdoor recordings. The material is also very breathable, meaning you can still capture clear audio without having to worry about sweat or humidity impacting your recordings.

Plus, foam windscreens are typically more affordable compared to metal models so they’re great for those on a tighter budget.

Double Screen Filter


Double-screen filters are another popular option for those looking to record clean vocals on a budget. This type of pop filter consists of two metal screens placed one in front of the other, which gives it superior plosive blocking power compared to single-screen filters.

Double-screen filters also tend to produce less high frequencies audio in recordings, making them ideal for podcasting and speech recordings where clarity is essential.

This type of filter is also a great choice for musicians who want to achieve more natural-sounding acoustic guitars or strings without any popping sounds interfering with the instrument’s sound.

Installing A Pop Filter

Once you’ve chosen the best pop filter for podcasting in 2023, it’s time to install it. The easiest way to install a pop filter is by attaching it directly to the mic capsule or microphone mount. T

his will ensure that it is always positioned correctly and close enough to your mouth so that plosive energy can be blocked out before it reaches your audio recording device.

If this isn’t possible (for example if you are using an external microphone), then there are other options available such as mounting the pop filter on a boom stand or even attaching it directly to the wall.

Mic Stands


For those who choose to mount a pop filter on a mic stand, the best option is to use a boom arm. This will enable you to position and adjust the location of the filter without having to bend or break any fragile components.

For added protection against damage, you can also use a gooseneck adapter which will attach directly to your microphone capsule and hold the pop filter in place. With this setup, you can easily adjust the angle and positioning of your pop filter depending on where you plan to record your podcast or audio recording.

No matter what type or model of pop filter you choose, if it’s installed correctly it should help protect your audio recordings from unwanted plosive sounds while still allowing natural-sounding clarity.

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    Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL

    Price: $75
    Type: Multi-Screen

    Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL

    The Stedman is a durable metal-screen pop filter that offers high levels of plosive protection for clean and natural-sounding audio recordings. This filter features a sturdy design with a heavy-duty steel frame, making it the perfect choice for professional recording studios or anyone who needs reliable sound dampening.
    The adjustable clamp ensures that the filter can be attached easily to most microphone stands.

    Nady MPF 6

    Price: $24
    Type: Multi-Screen

    Nady MPF 6

    The Nady MPF 6 features a two-layer windscreen, featuring both foam and metal screens to provide excellent audio clarity in any environment. The robust build quality ensures that this pop filter will serve you well for many years to come.
    Installation is quick and easy, making it a great choice for busy podcast studios. It also includes a built-in shock mount, helping to reduce any contact noise caused by vibrations or bumps in the environment.

    On-Stage ASFSS6-GB

    Price: $28
    Type: Multi-Screen

    On-Stage ASFSS6-GB

    The On-Stage ASFSS6-GB is a double-screen pop filter designed specifically for podcasting. It features two adjustable and removable stainless steel screens, as well as an adjustable gooseneck to provide the perfect angle for recording.
    The double screens help reduce plosives and vocal pops, while the sturdy design ensures it stays in place during the recording process. It also comes with an integrated mic clip for easy installation and removal.

    Auray OMPF-33

    Price: $15
    Type: Multi-Screen

    Auray OMPF-33

    The Auray OMPF-33 is an affordable double-screen pop filter that will help to reduce or eliminate plosives (hard consonants) on your recordings.
    This filter features a flexible gooseneck and clip, allowing you to position the filter right in front of your microphone. The double-screen design also helps minimize the impact of wind and background noise on your recordings.

    Avatone PS-1 Pro Shield

    Price: $40
    Type: Metal Screen

    Avatone PS-1 Pro Shield

    The Avatone PS-1 Pro Shield is an affordable metal-screen pop filter designed specifically with podcasting in mind. The metal screen has a wide range of frequencies that it can filter out, making it perfect for recording clear audio.
    It also boasts a low-distortion design to help reduce sibilance and other unwanted noise. With its adjustable mounting bracket, the Avatone PS-1 Pro Shield can be easily set up and adjusted to any microphone stand.

    Shure PS-6 Popper Stopper

    Price: $40
    Type: Multi-layered Nylon Screen

    Shure PS-6 Popper Stopper

    This pop filter from Shure is one of the most popular models for podcasting in 2023. It features a multi-layered nylon screen designed to reduce wind, breath, and vocal pops caused by plosives.
    This pop filter can fit on any microphone stand with its adjustable clamp and offers great sound quality for an affordable price.

    Blue Yeti Windscreen

    Price: $13
    Type: Foam Windscreen

    Blue Yeti

    The Blue Yeti Windscreen is an affordable solution that blocks out distracting background noise, making it perfect for recording podcasts in noisy environments.
    The foam also helps reduce plosives (pops) on your recordings, which can otherwise be quite noticeable and detract from the overall quality of the audio. This budget-friendly option is great if you’re just starting out with podcasting and don’t want to invest in a more expensive pop filter.

    Shure A58WS

    Price: $6
    Type: Foam Windscreen

    Shure A58WS

    The Shure A58WS foam windscreen is an inexpensive but effective way to reduce background noise, vocal pops, and plosives on your recordings.
    This lightweight and durable foam windscreen fits most Shure microphones including the SM57 and SM58 series. It is easy to attach and remove, making it a great solution for podcasting on the go.

    Final Thoughts

    Pop filters are an essential part of the recording gear for musicians, audio engineers, and recording studios. They help preserve natural parts of human speech while also allowing you to record transparent sound without the proximity effect.

    In this article, we have looked at many pop filters for podcasting in 2023, as well as tips on installing and using them correctly. Our goal was to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of what is available so they can make an informed choice when it comes to choosing gear that will produce high-quality recordings.

    We hope that after reading this article, you’ll feel confident selecting the perfect pop filter for your podcasting needs!

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